Glenn Whittier: Man Held Girlfriend Captive, Assaulted Her With Bleach And Hammer

Glenn Whittier, a 43-year-old Pennsylvania man, is in prison after holding his girlfriend captive for three days, repeatedly assaulting her with a hammer and pouring bleach in her eyes, face, and in her wounds. He faces two counts of aggravated assault and one count of simple assault, unlawful restraint, harassment and false imprisonment. His bail is set at $100,000.

His girlfriend, Stacey Myers, remains at the UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, where she is recovering from her ordeal.

The alleged three-day assault and forced captivity of Myers by Whittier began last Wednesday, police say, and ended on Saturday, when Myers was able to escape from Whittier’s apartment. Throughout the entire three days that Whittier held Myers captive, he repeatedly beat her with a hammer, pulled out large amounts of her hair, and poured bleach in her wounds and on her face.

After escaping Whittier’s apartment, Meyers made her was to the apartment of her daughter and her husband, Cody Ghrist. The couple’s apartment is located just two blocks from Whittier’s apartment.

“She could hardly walk or talk. It looked like she had a big snuff in. She was just all beat up. She told us Glenn Whittier went over there and beat her with a hammer and smashed her face off this heater thing,” Ghrist said.

But despite the extensive injuries, Myers did not initially want to go to the hospital, Ghrist says. So he and Ashley, Myer’s daughter, took matters into their own hands. They simply waited until the battered woman had fallen asleep before they called the police.

Whittier’s neighbor Matt Yanits said he hadn’t heard any fighting or disturbances coming from Whittier’s apartment, but he was home, along with his small children, when police arrested Whittier on Saturday.

“The cop, he aimed the gun at me and said, ‘Stay inside! It’s not safe out here.’ Then he came back like five or 10 minutes later and let us know it was all clear,” Yanits said.

Tracey Mehalic, another of Whittier’s neighbor, said that fighting between Myers and Whittier was a fairly commonplace event, and that yelling and loud noises were often heard coming from the apartment.

“All they do is argue, fight, beat each other up. Constantly. This is not the first time. It’s about the millionth time.”

Even if it is the “millionth time,” as the neighbor says, hopefully it will be the last, and the charges against Whittier for brutally assaulting his girlfriend with a hammer and bleach will remain. Andrea Crew, whose relationship with her husband was also marked by a history of abuse, unfortunately forgave her husband and dropped the abuse charges against him only to be strangled to death on the way home from court. For more on that tragic story, click here.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images]