Todd Tucker Cheating Rumors: Tucker Claims He Is Working Hard

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Todd Tucker may be the husband to Kandi Burruss, but it sounds like he wants to find his own unique voice and originality on the show. Over the past couple of episodes, Tucker hasn’t come across as the most understanding husband and partner. When Kandi Burruss questioned whether he was cheating or just getting bored with her, Tucker didn’t provide her with a comforting answer.

Of course, many people have labeled Todd Tucker as an opportunist simply because of what Burruss’ mother has said about him. So when Kandi herself starts to question whether he is faithful, fans automatically assume the worst.

According to a new Instagram post, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Todd Tucker is now revealing that he is finding success by working with his own production company. Of course, this was something he had started with the encouragement of his wife, Kandi.

“I just want to thank my team for all their hard work! It’s only the first quarter and we have a new special airing soon! TTucker Productions Family,” Todd Tucker revealed on Instagram this morning, as he was getting ready to head to work.

There have been speculations as to what Todd Tucker has been doing in Los Angeles when he was there working. Of course, Kandi has been questioning his honesty, as he wasn’t rushing home to be with her when he was done working in Los Angeles. Instead, Todd was hanging around Los Angeles to “party with his boys.” This scared his wife a little bit.

Both Kandi and Todd Tucker put everything on the line and went to therapy in front of the cameras. Here, she talked about how their sex life had gone stale since they had gotten married. But Todd wasn’t as eager to talk about their sex life with someone who he didn’t know.

When they went to therapy, the couple was given homework to deal with their troubles, and Todd and Kandi were supposed to create a pros and cons list of their troubles and marriage. While she seemed eager to do that, Tucker was not. According to the Inquisitr, Todd Tucker never actually completed the homework and did leave Kandi hanging.

Kandi has later revealed that their therapy didn’t work. Instead, Todd Tucker has been focusing his energy on work.

What do you think Todd Tucker is working on? Are you surprised that his production company is doing so well?

[Image via Instagram]