‘The Big Bang Theory’ Taking Two-Week Break But Will Return With A ‘Star Wars’ Episode

The Big Bang Theory is taking a break for the next two weeks. Episode 18 has led into a short hiatus while the cast and crew handle the remaining episodes of Season 8. There is no need to panic. It will return on April 2 with an all new Star Wars-style episode.

International Business Times shared Episode 19’s synopsis, which says Sheldon and Leonard will be taking a trip to UC Berkeley, where they will be speaking. It will be interesting to see if their presentation styles have changed over the years and whether Sheldon will be able to give a speech without insulting anybody.

While they are on their way to Berkeley, they will stop by to meet their idol, George Lucas. It is the perfect timing with the upcoming Star Wars movie. To get through the gates, Sheldon will tell Lucas that they are not crazy fans who have tape and ropes in their backpacks. Just how will George Lucas take that?

As the two roommates on The Big Bang Theory do that, Bernadette and Howard will argue over his TARDIS from Doctor Who. Amy and Raj bring up the idea that they can settle the dispute through a ping pong game. There is no mention of where Penny is during the week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory.

According to Variety, the show continues to be the best-performing one for CBS. It is no surprise that the show was renewed up to Season 10 last year. Season 9 was definitely confirmed last week because things have definitely not changed. There were 16.13 million viewers overall, with 4.4 million of those coming from the 18-49 age range. Unfortunately for The Odd Couple, not all The Big Bang Theory fans are sticking around. The show dropped to 10.24 million viewers overall.

Jim Parsons recently spoke about the success of the show, saying that it was never expected. While he knew that fans in the live audience enjoyed it, he was unsure how it was taken on TV. It is now aired in over 70 countries, all with excellent viewing figures. Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper, questions why people like it so much but is extremely thankful to the fans.

There are questions over whether the show will continue after Season 10. If the viewing figures remain the same, it is possible that CBS will want to keep airing it. However, The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre has not spoken out about it, yet.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]