Jealous Boyfriend Who Suspected Girlfriend Was Cheating Threatened To Carve His Initials In Her Face

A jealous boyfriend who suspected his girlfriend was cheating on him reportedly tied her to a radiator and threatened to carve his initials on her face with a blade for her alleged infidelity.

The perpetrator of the attack, Kye Green, is a man well known to the police in Grimsby, UK, having been convicted in his life of over 100 crimes. He will now serve at least two years in prison for kidnapping his lover, Jade Kershaw.

According to reports, the seasoned criminal tied Kershaw to a gas pipe and a radiator with restraints, which she eventually cut with a penknife and then jumped out of a window to freedom.

At the Grimsby Crown Court this week, prosecutor Jeremy Evans told the court that Green and Kershaw had been in a relationship for six months and were living together at the time of the incident.

When the arguments between the couple turned nasty, with Green slapping Kershaw in the face in the summer of last year before bombarding her Facebook account with 75 threatening messages, things went from bad to worse.

At one point, the couple met in Grimsby, where Green pushed Kershaw against a wall and held a razor blade near her face.

Evans said, “He accused her of being unfaithful and, despite her denials, told her he would carve his initial in her face to remind her of him every time she looked at her own reflection. He told her that no one else would be allowed to be with her.”

After threatening her with the razor, Green then “produced an iron bar — part of a bicycle seat — from his right sleeve and told her she was lucky he had not used it to assault her,” said Mr. Evans.

Once at the house, Kershaw’s legs were tied together and her hands tied behind her back.

Evans explained to the courtroom, “He bound her hands behind her back but she realised that the bindings were loose. He threatened her that if she were to escape, it would “be worse” when he caught her. He told her that she was fortunate that he was not locking her inside the upstairs cupboard.”

Showing some regret at the time, Green allegedly said to Kershaw, “I’m sorry I am doing this but I don’t trust you. I know you will leave.”

When Green went out to buy some cigarettes, Kershaw was able to break free and escape, reporting what had happened to the police.

Evans added, “Jade Kershaw was petrified during the incident and said she has “never felt so scared in my whole life.” At times, she could hardly breathe and she did not know what the defendant would do next.”