Katy Perry, John Mayer Split: Reconciled For ‘Convenience’?

Katy Perry and John Mayer have reportedly decided to break up yet again.

According to Radar Online, the on-again, off-again couple are apparently back to an “off-again” status.

An insider reportedly claimed that their decision to get back together a couple of months ago was actually more about the convenience than anything else.

“Katy and John reconnected once she had a break in her Prismatic World Tour. So, for those few months they had a great time, pretending that it would last — and of course it didn’t.”

The inside source further explained that the pressure of their music careers has gotten in the way numerous times before. John allegedly could not handle the fact that Katy Perry was getting more attention than him.

On the other side of the relationship, the source claims that Katy struggled with her own trust issues.

“[Katy] can’t handle the trust issues she has when she’s so far away. So they’ve learned that it’s better to just take a break when they can’t be in the same place.”

When comparing the current status of their two careers, it is apparently clear that Katy Perry is winning that race.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Katy Perry’s estimated net worth of $130 million is more than tripled John Mayer’s estimated worth of $40 million.

Both Katy Perry and John Mayer released albums in 2013. However, to say that Katy’s Prism has been more successful than John’s Paradise Valley is an understatement.

The insider claims that Katy Perry started to listen to advice offered by other people when it came to her relationship with John Mayer.

“Katy is at an all-time high. She is starting to give in to what everyone around her is saying, that maybe she is too good for him.”

Katy may have already moved on to someone else. Multiple reports claim that the “Dark Horse” singer was spotted spending time with Mumford and Sons banjoist Winston Marshall.

According to Hollywood Life, an inside source opened up about a recent encounter that brought the two of them together.

“[Katy] hooked up with Winston Marshall… just last Saturday. They were totally making out and ended up leaving the party they were at to spend the night together at Katy’s private hotel.”

However, the insider also stated that it seemed like Katy Perry was having more of a short-term fling with Marshall instead of the beginning of another long-term relationship.

[Image Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty Images]