Diabetes a Growing Threat With No Single Dietary Answer

Diabetes has been in the news lately a lot, especially with the controversial news that deep-fried donut burger hawker Paula Deen kept her diagnosis quiet until she was tapped to promote a diabetes drug.

Talk show host Bill Maher has gotten some flak in the past for saying that Americans are busy vaccinating over common illnesses while we “dig our graves with knives and forks,” but the statement seems to have some degree of truth when you look at statistics surrounding the growing epidemic of diabetes in America. 8.3% of Americans struggle with one form of Diabetes- either type 1 or type 2- and more than 95% of diabetics in America suffer from type 2 diabetes. (Which is more linked to lifestyle and habits.)

Complicating the handling of diabetes is that there is no one specific approach to combat it. According to Stephanie Dunbar, director of nutrition and medical affairs for the American Diabetes Association, patients vary in their responses to diabetes treatment. Dunbar begins:

“People need to do what works for them. There are people who do well on a lower-fat diet and others who do well on a lower-carb diet.”

As for whether a low in carbs approach works for everyone, Dunbar explains:

“Some people may need more or less [carbohydrates.] About 45 grams allows someone to follow the diabetes plate method; we call it create your plate. It calls for half the plate to be non-starchy veggies, a fourth plate whole grains and a fourth plate protein.”

Experts say that even insulin dependent diabetics can enjoy the occasional sweet with proper planning. Are you concerned about the growing prevalence of diabetes in America?