WWE News: The Briscoe Brothers Still Expected To Sign With WWE?

A litany of rumors circulated regarding the WWE and their interest in several top names on the independent circuit of professional wrestling, among those names being Ring of Honor legends, the Brisscoe Brothers. Despite rumors tthat the duo wouldn't be leaving ROH, PWInsider is reporting that WWE is confident that they'll be reporting to NXT by mid-summer (via LordsofPain).

The bearded brothers, along with Samoa Joe are apparently at the top of WWE's wish list for their NXT brand. However, the Inquisitr reported that ROH was scurrying to sign all of their top talent to long term contracts, thus preventing the WWE from signing them. The Briscoe Brothers were at the top of that list.

Mark and Jay Briscoe have long been a staple of the indies as they began wrestling as teenagers in the early 2000s. In that time, the Delaware natives have become ROH mainstays, as their tenure with the company began the same time the company did back in 2002. In fact, along with Christopher Daniels, the Briscoe Brothers are the only other wrestlers who are currently with ROH that appeared on the company's inaugural show.

Mark, 30, and Jay, 31, are record eight-time ROH tag team champions. However, it would be fair to say that Jay is the more decorated singles wrestler. He has held the ROH world championship on two separate occasions, and is the current champion. On the other hand, Mark has never held a singles title. But he's proven that, much like his older brother, he can carry himself as a singles wrestler, giving WWE options if they do sign the duo.

The WWE brought in the Briscoe's for a tryout five years ago in 2009. Reportedly impressing officials, they were brought back for a week long tryout at the companies developmental territory. Ultimately, they were not offered contracts. The Briscoes revealed in a Youtube video that the company didn't find the tag team "cosmetically pleasing" for their audience.

Clearly, the company holds no ill-will towards the Briscoes for this video since they have renewed interest in the tag team. With the influx of former ROH talent in NXT such as Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville, the Briscoes would be the next big acquisition of former ROH stars.

However, with the success of NXT, which has garnered praise from veterans such as John Morrison, Rhino and others, adding an established pair of talents into the mix would be beneficial for all involved parties.

[Image via ROHWrestling]