One Direction Incurs Wrath From Swarm Of Soccer Fans — Tomlinson’s Betrayal?

One Direction always keeps us on our toes with their love life updates, new music, and constant tour dates. Regardless, there are certain headlines that no one expects to see in relationship to One Direction. In particular, we never expect One Direction to become the enemies of sports fans en masse — but they have somehow managed to do it anyway.

Outside of this recent hornet’s nest stir-up, One Direction is touring Southeast Asia and the band is proving to be wildly popular in all corners of the globe. For instance, One Direction concerts over the past two weeks that were held in Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines have been sold out.

However, it seems that there is one group that is unhappy with One Direction — and it is soccer fans. Hey wait, doesn’t One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson currently play soccer in Doncaster, England? Is One Direction betraying soccer despite being an active part of it? As it turns out, this has nothing to do with Tomlinson’s skills on the field — and everything to do with how popular One Direction is.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to publish in English about the growing hatred of Southeast Asian soccer fans toward One Direction. In the local press in Jakarta, Indonesia, however, the headlines have been brewing with One Direction controversy for days.

What is the main problem? Sadly, One Direction is stepping on the toes of soccer fans because their concert may have booted out a major game in the 2016 Asian Cup playoffs. The Wall Street Journal explains that the technical details of how One Direction caused problems for Jakarta soccer fans and state they may cancel the soccer match, “because of a lack of lag time to prepare the field” since there are only two days between the One Direction concert and the soccer match.

This is frustrating to fans since switching venues for the soccer match will mean going to a different location hundreds of miles away. The Wall Street Journal also went on to explain that Jakarta soccer fans are protesting on Twitter with the hashtag #SaveGBK (the name of the stadium is Gelora Bung Karno).

The Indonesian newspaper, Bisnis, went on to explain that part of the issue is that One Direction was booked for the venue space before Indonesia knew it would be a finalist in the 2016 Asian Cup playoffs — and need to host South Korea, East Timor, and Brunei Darussalam.

Yikes! Did soccer player Louis Tomlinson know about this beforehand? Is he worried that this incident with One Direction will tarnish his reputation with fans that root for him in soccer games back in England? For now, One Direction has not given a response — and certainly have not supported any direct betrayal to the worldwide soccer family. After all, while they are the brunt of Indonesian soccer fans’ anger, the true onus lies with the Jakarta concert venue managers who make the ultimate decision about who gets to use their stadium.

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