‘DWTS’: Rumer Willis Teaches Val Chmerkovskiy ‘Striptease’ Dance, Julianne Hough Hints That Producers Wanted Rumer-Val Showmance

Rumer Willis got caught teaching her Dancing with the Stars partner a few moves that are probably a bit too racy for their next dance routine. However, they’d make her famous mother proud.

Dancing with the Stars recently shared a YouTube video of one of Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy’s rehearsals, and Rumer makes a shocking confession in it — when she was just ten years old, she watched her mother take off her clothes in Striptease. Rumer told Val that she inherited her natural dance ability from Demi Moore, and she’s even memorized a few of her mom’s sexy Striptease dance moves. In the video below, she tells Val that it’s “all about the booty” while teaching him how to dance like a stripper.

Judge Len Goodman probably wouldn’t react well to a Striptease-inspired Dancing with the Stars routine, so it’s highly unlikely that Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy will ever incorporate stripper poles into any of their dances. They proved that they’re the couple to beat after finishing on top of the DWTS premiere leaderboard, so it would be a mistake to rock the boat by doing a super-sexy routine that some of the show’s more conservative viewers might not respond well to. According to Glamour, next week Val and Rumer will cha-cha to Adele’s “Rumor has It.”

Last season, Val Chmerkovskiy finished in third place despite his popular showmance with Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish. This season, it appears as though he and Rumer Willis are trying to avoid starting any showmance gossip. During a recent interview with EXTRA, Rumer revealed that she’s not going to let her partner play that card to score votes.

“Dance is my focus, not men. Boys can wait.”

However, Julianne Hough thinks that the Dancing with the Stars producers purposely pair Val Chmerkovskiy with girls that will get the showmance buzz going. Hough talked to the Associated Press about the mysterious process of partnering up pros and celebrities.

“I don’t know how the casting process works. We’re not a part of it…. I know there are certain personalities that work well with a certain kind of celebrity or a certain kind of personality. I know that Tony (Dovolani) is nurturing and gets the person to take care of. And there’s always a spicy (dynamic) going on between like Val (Chmerkovskiy and his partner). There definitely is a pattern but I think it’s more personality-driven rather than ability-driven.”

Val and Rumer definitely proved that they have chemistry as dance partners, but Rumer seems to be telling the truth when she says that she’s not looking for romance. During the season premiere, she revealed that she’s a perfectionist who really pushes herself. It’s also obvious that she’s in excellent shape, and she has a fitness routine that could help her on DWTS. As the Inquisitr previously reported, her workout routine includes some very challenging aerial workouts. Instead of spinning around on a stripper pole like Demi Moore, perhaps she’ll wrap herself up in ribbons like Pink for a future DWTS routine.

Do you think a Striptease routine would be too risque for Dancing with the Stars, and do you think that the producers were hoping that pairing Rumer Willis with Val Chmerkovskiy would result in another big showmance?

[Image credit: Rumer Willis/Instagram]