Google launches a sort of Digg for money saving ideas

Google has entered the social voting space with TipJar, a Digg like service for money saving ideas.

The service allows users to submit content and have it voted up or down. The only real difference is that while the tips are attributed to source sites, they don’t link to those sites, instead only offering a non-link URL.

The official pitch

….we created Tip Jar (, an experiment powered by Google Moderator that we hope will help you discover the most effective ways to save money. There are lots of money-saving tips scattered across the web, but even if you found them, it would be hard to know which ones were worth trying. Tip Jar gathers tips in one place and invites people — i.e., you, me and everyone else — to rank them in order of usefulness and even add their own tips to the list. Over time, the best and most useful tips will rise to the top.

Yet another example of Google creeping into the content space.