2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket Massacre: One Percent Of Brackets Perfect After Three Upsets

Toni Matthews

The 2015 "March Madness" NCAA Tournament began with a bang and the utter destruction of practically everyone's bracket. Incredibly, as much as 99 percent of all brackets shed their "perfect" status within the first couple hours of the tournament kicking off.

Perhaps a few NCAA fans generated the nine quintillion combinations needed to beat the bracket-busting odds. More than likely it was a couple of some lucky newbies who knew nothing heading into the 2015 NCAA tournament. In any case, the rest of us have been left scratching our heads in the wake of shocking losses by Iowa State, Baylor, and SMU.

— Bill Hanstock (@sundownmotel) March 19, 2015

It was deja vu in the West as No. 3 Baylor lost to No. 14 Georgia State by a single point, as well. The final score was 56-57. Although Iowa State did the most damage, if anyone escaped the carnage of that particular upset, then the loss of Baylor is believed to have finished them.

— WSB-TV (@wsbtv) March 19, 2015

What does all of this mean for the 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament? Well, quite frankly it means that no one is safe. With top seeds falling left and right to vastly underestimated opponents, it's hard not to wonder if the same fate awaits Kentucky. Could the No. 1 overall seed get blown away by the No. 16 Hampton? Before declaring, "Absolutely not!" it may be best to re-examine the rubble that was once your perfect 2015 NCAA Tournament bracket. Kentucky may survive the first round of carnage, but we now know that as "March Madness" progresses, anything is possible.

— ESPN College BBall (@ESPNCBB) March 19, 2015

[Image Credit: Andy Lyons/Getty Images]