Amanda Palmer Announces Pregnancy With Nude Instagram Photo — Neil Gaiman Is The Father

Leading lady of the Dresden Dolls (and many other bands) Amanda Palmer has officially announced her pregnancy with a stunning nude Instagram photo taken by the father of the child, writer Neil Gaiman.

Amanda shared the news on her Instagram account as well as her official Facebook fan page. She posted the moody nude photo of herself cradling her baby bump by a shadowy window showing an evening-time Vancouver.

Amanda Palmer

“guess what? i’m pregnant,” Amanda Palmer wrote in the caption. “super special thanks to Neil Gaiman. due september. photo by himself, just now, beautiful vancouver in the background.”

The baby is noticeably showing in the photo, which means Palmer and Gaiman have kept the pregnancy a secret for quite a while — or else have been keeping Amanda’s belly covered during public appearances.

Click Music called the September baby the “coolest baby of all time,” based on the reputations of Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman as down-to-Earth artists who somehow manage to enjoy mainstream popularity without forfeiting their artistic integrity. The Mary Sue expects Amanda Palmer’s baby will inherent some of the talent of both parents when he or she grows up.

Neil Gaiman joined in the online celebration of Amanda Palmer’s pregnancy, tweeting out the photo and the announcement alongside his wife’s post.

Palmer also tweeted about the pregnancy, noting that she’s already 13 weeks along.

The singer is no stranger to nudity, having gone viral with her spiteful song “Dear Daily Mail” which she performed in the nude.

Amanda Palmer has become a major pioneer of crowd-funding in the music industry, having raised $1.2 million through a Kickstarter campaign in 2012, according to Billboard.

But according to Click Music, Palmer recently moved from Kickstarter to Patreon, which allows fans of her music to give money every time she releases new material. As usual, Palmer’s Patreon campaign has been extremely successful, earning her roughly $28,000 for every piece of music she puts out. Amanda Palmer discusses her methods of asking fans for money in her book The Art of Asking, which also spawned a TED talk of the same name.

Gaiman and Palmer got married in early 2011 and have been a strong celebrity power couple ever since. Congratulations to the expecting parents!

[Image from Neil Gaiman’s Instagram]