Ariana Sufi: 7-Week-Old Baby Says ‘I Love You,’ In Adorable Viral Video

Ariana Sufi, a newborn baby in North London, England, said the phrase “I love you” after some mild coaxing from the her father, 25-year-old Ali Sufi, who caught the whole thing on video.

His announcement comes on the heels of seven-week-old baby Cillian in Ireland, who said “hello” on video. The babies both seem to possess prodigious lingual intelligence and physical abilities (most babies that age cannot fully control their mouths or tongue at that age). But now the question is: who is the younger speaker?

According to the Telegraph, Ali Sufi was putting Baby Ariana down for a nap when he told her he loves her. Ariana said I love you right back.

When the amazed father told his wife Fatima what had happened, she didn’t believe him. So, Ali got Ariana to say it on video.

“I told my partner and she said ‘you’re lying, you’re lying’ but I showed her again and now she keeps trying to say it all the time. She isn’t very good at saying the ‘I’ but you can always clearly hear the ‘love you.'”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, seven-week-old baby Cillian said the word “hello” pretty clearly, too. It terms of lingual prowess, Ariana may be the stronger contender since she said an entire phrase, “I love you,” instead of just one word. Plus, the parents have gotten their baby to say it more than just once; baby Cillian’s mother has had a difficult time persuading another “hello” out of her infant.

Still, Ariana’s sentence doesn’t sound all that clear from the father’s video. Not only is “I” difficult to distinguish, but so is “love.” Plus, Ariana is at the old age of seven weeks and one day at the time of recording (she’s not 12 weeks), according to the Daily Mail, but Cillian is reportedly just seven-weeks at the time of her video recording (which might just be rounding down).

In any case, these babies appear to have an amazing ability to mimic speech at an incredibly early age, but what about expressing an independent thought through speech?

According to the book Accidental Geniuses, child prodigy Michael Kearney told a doctor, “I have a left ear infection,” at just six months old, setting a high bar for other babies with advanced speaking abilities like Cillian and Ariana.

Babies typically start speaking in whole words at about 12 months old, according to WebMD.

Ali Sufi reported to the Telegraph that his daughter has a few other signs she’s a highly intelligent child.

“When she was just three or four weeks old she was saying ‘ahhs’ and she has always been a very active baby. She is always punching, and giggling and smiling. I have always talked to her quite a lot, and love talking and playing with her.”

Of course, there’s still a good chance the phrase was just a fluke. But most importantly, Baby Ariana is adorable while saying “I love you.”

[Image via Youtube/SWNS]