‘100 Years of Beauty’ Korean Episode Gets 2.7M YouTube Views, Lands On The Front Page Of YouTube [Video]

The YouTube video series titled “100 Years of Beauty” has been a very popular one indeed, with the latest Episode 4: Korea going completely viral in a short period of time. That video, which shows the evolution of make-up styles and hair from the 1910s to the 2010s, and splits off in the middle to display the marked difference between cosmetic looks from North Korea versus South Korea, has gained approximately 2.7 million views on YouTube in about 24 hours.

Published on March 17, the “100 Years of Beauty” YouTube video is the latest in a series of videos created by Cut Video, a YouTube channel that describes itself as being one for “everyone.”

Cut Video launches new videos every Wednesday or so, and allows folks to get in on the action by checking out their casting calls on Facebook or by following them on Twitter.

Their first 100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute episode, published three months ago, garnered more than 21 million views on YouTube. It featured a unique time lapsed video showing a model receiving cosmetic and hair makeovers to match each decade from 1910 to 2010, providing a uniquely visual view of beauty over the years. It certainly wasn’t a boring, historical lesson into how hairstyles and cosmetics change with the times, and YouTube viewers proved their interest in video views and votes.

The third episode featuring Iranian beauty published one month ago earned a whopping 5 million views plus, and still continues to enjoy a couple thousand views a day.

The visual display of beauty offers a history lesson all within one video, such as the Korean beauty episode displaying how the South Korean styles morph into a more Westernized feel, with plenty more cosmetics worn than the North Korean side, which remains more conservative and decidedly military-like, reports the Huffington Post.

It’s not all about makeup and hair, however. The video that showed grandmas smoking weed for the first time in their lives is one of the channel’s most popular, gaining nearly 20 million views in three months. As reported by the Inquisitr, the video that dared to display grandmothers smoking marijuana was such a funny concept that viewers couldn’t help but want to watch the YouTube video and share it with their friends and family.

It seems this YouTube channel seriously has their fingers on the pulse of what 21st century folks want to watch, so much so that the Facebook page is celebrating the fact that their latest Korean edition of beauty has made the front page of YouTube.

[Image via Cut Video]