Retired At 24: What Will Chris Borland Do Next?

When Chris Borland decided to retire at just 24 years old, he made the decision most of us just can’t comprehend, giving up millions in exchange for the possibility of bad health later in life.

But despite this decision, Borland insists he has a future outside of football – and he credits his upbringing and social standing as the reason. “I’ve got the luxury of choice just with the way I’ve been raised and the good fortune of growing up in a middle-class family and having my college degree,” Borland told ESPN‘s Outside The Lines.

He also recognizes that his bachelor’s degree gives him the option that others simply don’t have. Which brings up an interesting point former player Maurice Clarett tweeted about recently on the topic. As reported by Inquisitr, the question many pundits are asking is if the Borland retirement will spur a new trend in athletes retiring early from the sport. Clarett disagrees, citing the fact that for many in an urban environment, that simply won’t be an option.

And former offensive tackle Damien Woody agrees with Clarett that the NFL will not be affected by Chris’ decision.

So how much did Borland give up by retiring from the NFL at age 24? According to Rolling Stone Borland left enough on the table that would have the average person scratching their head.

“Based on his sole season with the Niners, Borland was shaping up to be the steal of the 2014 Draft…It was the type of start to a career that almost always leads to a deal for top-tier money, and for an inside linebacker, that’s probably in the range of $40-$50 million by the time Borland would have hit free agency.”

Instead, the article continues, Chris Boreland becomes “a 24-year-old with enough money to get a nice home.”

[Photo credit Al Bello / Getty Images]