‘Pump Rules’ Cast Stassi Schroeder Will Reveal Her Secrets To Success During Upcoming Appearance

Pump Rules cast member Stassi Schroeder is scheduled to make her first post-sex tape appearance in Los Angeles.

The Pump Rules cast was seen in a new episode on Monday night, during which Schroeder outed her own explicit tape. After engaging in a heated debate with her co-star, Scheana Marie Shay, Schroeder alleged Shay had attempted to sell a 20-minute tape, which she had made an ex-boyfriend years ago.

While Schroeder alleged Shay, or possibly another Pump Rules cast member, tried to go public with the film, the idea seemed unlikely, considering there had been no documentation of any such thing online or elsewhere. Typically, when a celebrity has a sex tape, word spreads like wildfire, but in this case, no one knew Schroeder’s film existed until she revealed the news herself.

After disclosing the news publicly, Schroeder remained silent in regard to the topic. Although the Pump Rules cast member has been online, tweeting and sharing posts on her fashion blog, Style By Stassi, she hasn’t said a word about her explicit tape. However, with an appearance coming up in just over a week, she may soon speak out.

On March 18, Simply Stylist announced the Pump Rules cast member’s upcoming appearance.

“Come hear mega style babe @stassischroeder chat about her [steps] to success! #SimplyStylistLA @TheGroveLA @CitiPrivatePass.”

Moments later, Schroeder shared a tweet of her own.

“I’m speaking at @simplystylistxo ‘Do What You Love’ on March 28 at @thegrovela in Los Angeles! Hope to see you all there! @citi.”

The Pump Rules cast, as the Inquisitr previously reported, has been extremely loyal to Schroeder, despite what Schroeder has insinuated. In most cases, cast members wouldn’t hesitate to expose someone they were on the outs with, but no one revealed Schroeder’s secret to press — even though they were nearly all dissed by Schroeder at some point throughout Season 3.

In an interview with Rumorfix regarding to the Pump Rules cast member’s tape, Lisa Vanderpump revealed the following.

“The cast protected her all season — they were incredibly loyal.”

“The cast and myself had an unspoken agreement that nobody would mention it. It was scandalous and juicy, but in 19 episodes there was no mention of it. I don’t believe any other reality show — especially when she was disparaging them — would keep their silence.”

For more of the Pump Rules cast, tune into next week’s Secrets Revealed episode, airing on Monday at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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