Whale With No Tail: Fluke-Less, Tail-Less Gray Whale Adapts To Swimming

A tail-less cetacean (another fancy name for whale) missing its flukes has been seen off the coast of Southern California.

What others thought was some form of alien life was simply a fluke-less gray whale that adapted to its handicap and new swimming style. The amazing aquatic mammal gave whale watchers their money’s worth, according to a Daily Mail report.

It’s being called the “whale with no tail,” but for good reason. Saturday, reports surfaced of some “mysterious” creature of mammoth proportions lurking in the Pacific Ocean near San Diego. Some even quipped that it could be America’s version of Nessie aka the Loch Ness Monster. Instead, it was the “no tail whale.”

Sunday, passengers aboard the Dana Pride near Point Loma reported seeing what looked like a whale sans a tail. The large creature seen breaching the surface spewed a large amount of air from its blowhole. Still, there were no photos or video of the elusive creature — until the next day.

On Monday, the public got lucky. A large whale with no tail was seen with two others near Los Angeles at Point Vicente. Apparently, the trio was on a northward migration to warmer waters. Animal experts say it appears the animal had its tail and fluke amputated by snarls of fishing twine. Unlike other ocean-dwelling creatures, whales have lungs and must breathe. Most likely, the whale’s struggle to save its life brought on the forced amputation.