‘Bold And Beautiful’ Recap: Nicole Reveals Maya’s Secret And It’s A Shocker

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful have been speculating about Maya’s big secret and a huge shocker came on Wednesday’s show. Little sister Nicole has been holding this over Maya’s head for a bit now and she finally dished out details about what she says she knows. Just what went down in Wednesday’s show?

As She Knows Soaps shares, Maya and Nicole had quite the confrontation in the March 18 episode. Maya indicates that it’s time for Nicole to leave the Forrester mansion and she’s not ashamed of anything or afraid of what Nicole might reveal.

Maya seems in the dark about what Nicole is holding over her, pushing her sister to reveal the details. After plenty of back-and-forth, Nicole spills it: Maya is actually Myron, her brother. Unfortunately, though there was plenty of talk among other characters on Wednesday’s show, that’s where fans were left hanging with Maya and Nicole. Where do things head from there?

Rick was seen talking about not being willing to be loved by a liar and he said a lot about trust as well. It’s pretty clear that this is setting the stage for some big challenges when it comes to Maya, Nicole and this big secret. Many fans are already buzzing about this huge reveal hitting Rick and how he’ll surely react.

As We Love Soaps notes, the news that Maya apparently used to be Myron comes with some complicated issues to reconcile. Fans are already questioning just how it is that Maya apparently had a baby who died if Nicole’s assertions are accurate.

While many are curious to see what comes next with this, Bradley Bell and Karla Mosley have now shared some insight behind the show deciding to do the story. This is not a story tackled by soaps often, but it’s clear that the Bold and the Beautiful transgender storyline is going to make waves with Rick and others on the show. However, Bell and Mosley note that this is a story about love, tolerance and acceptance and many are quite curious to see where it heads.

Despite some interesting details yet to be revealed, fans are definitely buzzing about this big news. Many had speculated that Nicole’s secret would go to a soap opera standard: that Maya was Nicole’s mother rather than her sister. To hear that apparently Maya used to be a man is a twist that definitely comes as a shocker. Fans on the show’s Facebook page are going wild over the revelation.

Unfortunately for fans, they will be left hanging now for just a bit. The Bold and the Beautiful is off for Thursday and Friday with no new episodes due to the NCAA Tournament coverage. Clearly during the week of March 23 there will be some big things to come with Maya, Nicole and Rick. Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Maya will back off of forcing Nicole out of the mansion because of this big secret hanging over her head.

What is coming next with this big Maya/Myron twist? Nobody knows for sure yet, but this plot twist is most certainly going to shake things up. Tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful on Monday, March 23 to see what happens next with this wild ride.

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