UFO Crash? Mysterious Blue-White Flash Lightens Night Sky Over Southern Russia

A Russian dashcam captured an intensely bright but silent white-blue flash of light that illuminated the night sky for a few seconds over the southern Russian city of Stavropol on Thursday, March 17.

The incident has triggered a debate since the dascham video showing the silent flash of light was posted online. The mystery about what caused the crash deepened after local authorities could not explain it.

UFO enthusiasts are saying the flash could have been caused by a UFO that crashed in the vicinity.

The incident, which occurred at around 12:30 a.m. local time (21:39 GMT on Monday), sparked mild fear and panic in the city after it caused some streetlights to go out and lights in apartments to flutter unsteadily.

Local residents have tried to explain what caused the flash of light. Some suggested it was linked to a military exercise reportedly being conducted in the region. Others thought it was caused by a fault that triggered a flash in a nearby electricity supply installation.

Some speculated that it was northern lights while a few thought it was the flash of a space rock impacting. A few suggested it was caused by a UFO crash.

“I was very frightened by what I saw, I was already in bed. It looked as if something very bright lit up my ceiling.”

Readers on RT also proposed explanations, some of which were reasonable and others bizarre.

“Russian Air Forces are testing electromagnetic pulse weapons.”

“This is Cabal members trying to escape in flying Saucers being shot down. Most will think this is a joke but it is not. That is why there has been so many lately they know their time here is over…”

“It was USA’s plasma weapon as usual….”

“Just a flashover at an electrical substation; the real news here is just how uninformed an out of touch so-called ‘journalists’ are with reality.”

RT reports that the local Hydrometeorological Center said the flash could not “be attributed to nature” and that it was most likely anthropogenic.

But despite the fact that some thought it could have been caused by a fault in a nearby electric power supply installation, the mystery of the “anthropogenic” source deepened after local power engineers denied it was due to a fault in the power supply lines.

The engineers also said the flash appeared to have occurred on the ground.

The statement by power engineers led some to suggest the flash was likely from a military source. But it remains uncertain what military device could produce such intensely bright but silent flash of light.

But UFO enthusiasts, including Open Minds’ Jason McClellan, have suggested that the flash could have been caused by an alien spacecraft (UFO) that crashed quietly.

“So what was it that silently lit up the night sky, interrupted electricity, and startled residents in southern Russia? Experts surmise that the flash originated on the ground. So if the source of the flash was an alien spacecraft (UFO), it either crashed quietly, or was doing something on the ground to cause the flash.”

[Image: YouTube/RT]