Man Who Found Python In Corn Flakes Box Screamed ‘There’s A Snake In The Kitchen’

When 22-year-old Jarred Smith awoke and went to the kitchen for breakfast, probably the last thing he expected to find was a massive python snake inside his Corn Flakes cereal box.

Smith was wiping the sleep from his tired eyes at 3 p.m. last Tuesday, as he got ready to go to work; he headed toward the kitchen in his Davidson home in Sydney, Australia.

When he took the milk out of the fridge and got ready to pour it over his cereal, he was more than a little shocked to find a large snake in the box. He told reporters that it took him a good 15 seconds to register what he was seeing, before he screamed out,”dad, there’s a snake in the kitchen!”

As he divulged to reporters, “I thought mum had bought some strange door stopper at first but then I saw the tail end of what looked like a snake and thought “no way its a snake. Then I peeked in the top of the cereal box and its head popped out. I dropped my food and ran out of the kitchen and screamed out to my dad downstairs “dad, there’s a snake in the kitchen!”

It also took Smith’s father more than a couple of seconds to register what he was seeing, as Jared added, “When dad walked in it maneuvered even further into the box that’s when I took the video.”

Having taken some pictures and video footage, the Smiths decided to contact a professional snake handler who showed up some time later. The snake catcher was reportedly shocked at how big the snake was.

“He asked if we minded if put the snake back in our garden which we didn’t.The snake wouldn’t fall out of the box so he had to rip it and the whole snake dropped out. He was more surprised when he saw it properly because he said it actually looked about two metres long,” revealed Smith.

For now the snake is back in the wild and the Smiths can sleep easy, although there’s little doubt they’ll be checking their cereal boxes in future before they pour their morning cereal.