Bitter Husband Wrecks Family Home With Chainsaw After It’s Put In Estranged Wife’s Name

A bitter husband, who could control his rage no longer, recently destroyed his family home in the Lake District, UK, after it was put into his estranged wife’s name following their divorce.

The former soldier, 43-year-old Andrew Brooks, attacked the $250,000 property with a chainsaw, chopping down doors, and sawing furniture in half in what can only be described as a furious rage.

Brooks, who has two kids and is a landscape gardener by profession, had wanted revenge on his wife Bridget for some time, and wanted to knock thousands of pounds off the value of the house following their divorce after 14 years of marriage.

The rampage is estimated to have caused around $15,000 worth of damage, as both the front and rear doors of the property, as well as three internal doors need replacing, not to mention closets and a fireplace.

When brought before a judge at Preston Crown Court, Brooks pleaded guilty to criminal damage and was jailed for 46 weeks after pictures of the aftermath of the rampage were shown to Judge Jacqueline Beech.

In addressing Brooks, Beech said the following.

“This was an act of revenge or retribution against your former wife who had the courage to leave the abusive relationship she was in with you. During the course of that relationship you were physically and emotionally abusive to her and you made her life a misery. You were aggrieved about the separation and the sale of the house and equity. You wanted to reduce the value and prospective of a sale by causing damage to it. She has suffered anxiety, panic attacks since the separation from you and has been prescribed medication and has anxiety because of the uncertainty of when you might turn up.”

The defense lawyer for Brooks requested that his client’s sentence be suspended, adding that at the age of 16 Brooks left school and worked hard before joining the British military.

He claimed that his client had been “a positive role model,” adding, “He had been very much part of his children’s lives and wanted to do the best for them. He knows he has put them at risk. He has been tutoring his son throughout the year, he knows that anything he does now, any sentence he faces, the impact is not only on him but also on his family. It places a double weight.”