Jenelle Evans Denies Going Out For St. Patrick’s Day: Did People Spot Her Partying?

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans may be known for her troubling lifestyle, as she has been arrested on numerous occasions, has done drugs on national television, and has stolen her mother’s credit cards. Even though Evans was a troubled teen, she is doing everything to turn her life around. Jenelle is now focused on school and on being a mother.

Of course, many are just waiting for Jenelle Evans to mess up again, as Jenelle has tried on occasion to really change her life. Some of her Twitter followers are just waiting for her to mess up, and with last week’s domestic abuse incident and a 911 call, a night out with friends to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day may be something Evans would have wanted.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now revealing what she did to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day yesterday. It turns out that Jenelle did exactly what many people assumed she wouldn’t do. Evans stayed home with her baby boy.

I’ve chose to stay at home snuggling with with Baby Kai. Hope everyone is safe tonight out and about on St. Patty’s Day!” Jenelle Evans revealed, which had one person asking, “How about addressing the rumor that folks actually saw you out?”

Usually when Jenelle Evans is caught in a lie, there would be plenty of tweets and photos to prove it. But in this case, Evans appears to be confident in her story – she stayed home. Maybe someone saw her at the grocery store, or maybe she was spotted picking something up. Either way, Evans could have been out yesterday – just not out drinking.

It sounds like Jenelle Evans has really turned her life around. A few days ago, Evans tweeted that she has finally fallen in love with the person who she has become. Clearly, it was a lot of work for her to get where she is, but with regular school hours and a second son, it is no wonder that Evans is happy.

Sure, Jenelle has to deal with the domestic abuse situation that happened last week, but she is keeping this situation away from social media. And according to the Inquisitr, Jenelle doesn’t think that this recent domestic abuse situation will affect her custody battle to get little Jace back into her care. Instead, Jenelle believes that she has proven herself to be a great mother.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans’ progress? Do you think she was spotted out partying yesterday?

[Image via Twitter]