Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Have No Contact At All

It would appear that getting Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to even acknowledge each other’s existence is now an impossible mission.

Following a marriage of five years, today they are said to have no contact with each other at all. If that isn’t sad enough, it’s made sadder by the fact that they had a child together, Suri.

TMZ has reported that the one time Hollywood dream couple now want nothing to do with each other at all. There is also a mutual bad feeling and nobody is all that bothered about doing anything to resolve it.

Holmes, 36, is reportedly dissatisfied with the lack of involvement Tom is having in their daughter’s life, and he hasn’t seen her in months due to work on Mission: Impossible 5, on location in London.

Cruise’s sources have parried, insisting he remains involved with Suri and will be returning to Los Angeles when filming has been completed.

While recent reports to ruffle showbiz feathers have said that Katie has been “casually dating” (insert a cruder word there if you must) Jamie Foxx for over a year, she hasn’t officially been with anyone since splitting from Top Gun maestro Cruise back in in 2012.

It’s like she literally lost that loving feeling, and Tom Cruise made it happen.

That’s unless there’s more to the casual Foxx rumours than meet the eye. But one of those good old sources have dismissed such a notion.

“This is not some intense romance. Jamie and Katie are friends and have been for a long time. They are two adults who are attractive and single, and so apparently conclusions will be drawn. They’re not about to run off and make some serious commitment.”

So there you categorically have it. The fear of what Tom might say has absolutely nothing to do with Katie’s single status.

That’s despite insiders conceding that Tom has previously been ‘concerned’ about Katie’s partners in case they have a negative influence on Suri.

But do Holmes and Cruise need to talk about 8 year-old Suri? With all their people and sources and mediators, it appears not. All co-parenting discussions are led through intermediates and TMZ has reported that the couple have no desire to liaise with each other ever again.

Their coupling seemed an awkward one to many onlookers, while the dramatic and conclusive parting of the waves appears to underline that Cruise and Holmes was never a marriage made in heaven.

[Image – Brian To/WENN]