Report: More Than a Third of Yahoo’s Traffic is From Yahoo Mail

Yahoo’s mail platform sees more traffic than its search site, a new analysis finds.

Following a presentation by new Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz this week in which Bartz noted that Yahoo Mail was “becoming increasing critical to the company,” Hitwise compared data from the various Yahoo properties to see just how big a slice of the overall pie Yahoo Mail really took. The data shows Yahoo Mail receiving well over a third of Yahoo’s overall traffic, at 36.71 percent. The Yahoo home page comes in next with 25.48 percent, and the direct Yahoo Search page follows with 11.75.

Yahoo Mail Traffic

Yahoo Mail, Hitwise also notes, is still the dominant Webmail provider. Stats from February put Yahoo Mail at about 56 percent of the overall U.S. Webmail market. Windows Live Mail takes 19 percent, and Gmail rounds out the top three with about 11 percent.

With that being said, Windows Live Mail saw a 25 percent drop in traffic from February ’08 to February ’09. Gmail saw growth of 88 percent in the same time period, while Yahoo Mail remained relatively constant with a growth of 3 percent from year-to-year.