Jimmy Kimmel Surgery Happened Twice, Talk Show Host Reveals Where

A certain Jimmy Kimmel surgery shocked the world when he revealed where he had it … twice. At SXSW on Monday, the talk show host opened up on a procedure he needed to have, and it’s not where most celebrities get their fixes.

Celebrity surgery is common by itself. Plastic surgery is the norm now, a way for many aging actors and actresses to appear young well into their 60s. Others get it done for different reasons, such as Renee Zellweger‘s alleged need to change her image or Amanda Bynes‘ confessed addiction. Sometimes it ends up making them look worse, but often enough it gives them a little extra confidence in an industry where appearance is everything.

Kimmel didn’t do it for appearance though, and it wasn’t a cosmetic issue.

The twice-done Jimmy Kimmel surgery was done on his penis, and it’s not for the reason you might think. Usually the first reason that comes to mind is an extension for the ladies, but that wasn’t it.

Kimmel told E! Online about what the surgery was for.

“It just kind of closed up on its own. I don’t know why it happened. I still don’t know why.

“I don’t know. The guy said: ‘Your urethra is closing up and we need to operate on it.’ And they did.”

Kimmel revealed that the first operation took place a long time ago, but he had to have a follow-up because it closed up again due to an odd medical condition.

“They said, ‘Yeah, we didn’t really get it. It didn’t quite work. We have to do it again.’ And they did it again.”

That’s quite a revelation from the guy who used to co-host The Man Show with radio personality Adam Carolla, and it wasn’t easy for him. Jimmy Kimmel described the penis surgery as a “horrible process … a horrible, horrible process,” before joking that he’s “a real pee hole.”

Kimmel is doing his show this week from SXSW, hosting stars such as Kanye West, Matthew McConaughey, Brad Paisley, Tony Romo, Kevin Hart, and Willie Nelson.

[Picture by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images]