One ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star Has Never Seen ‘Doctor Who’ And Who It Is Will Surprise You

One of the actors on The Big Bang Theory has never seen an episode of Doctor Who. “King of the Nerds” Sheldon Cooper goes on and on about his fandom side, but actor Jim Parsons is not quite up to scratch. While he has never seen The Doctor in action, he has said that he would star in an episode if the opportunity ever came up.

He told Radiotimes that he has never watched an episode, but he does get all the references. He knows all about The Doctor and what it means to his character. It will be surprising to many fans of The Big Bang Theory, especially considering Sheldon Cooper has seen every episode in existence, along with the movies. At one point, he even comments that an Episode 24 minutes in is “Doctor Why Bother.”

Parsons later said that he would be happy to star in an episode, and then commented how it might have been one of the most foolish things for him to say. After all, starring in an episode of Doctor Who could mean anything for him as an actor.

“Oh yes! Yes I would be open to that! Having not seen it! It might be the most foolish thing I ever said. But yes I would be open to that.”

The Big Bang Theory has become the highest-rated show on air at the moment, and that is something Parsons never expected. While he knew the live audience enjoyed the sitcom, he had no idea the world would enjoy it as much. He spoke to Digital Spy about his anti-social character on The Big Bang Theory, and how different the character is to his latest one in DreamWorks Home. He even commented how refreshing it was to play someone genuinely nice compared to the awkward and blunt Sheldon.

The Big Bang Theory has been renewed for another two seasons, although there are talks about stretching it beyond Season 10. Parsons has not said whether he would be up for something like that, but his co-star Johnny Galecki may be interested. The question is whether the fans and the network, along with Chuck Lorre, want to see the show continue any further. It is currently broadcast in more than 70 countries around the world, surpassing anyone’s dreams.

Parsons has no idea as to how the show has become so popular around the world. However, he is not complaining. It keeps him on screens, and he seems to enjoy playing the genius that is Sheldon Cooper, even if he does not share the same interests as the character outside of work.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]