Brandi Glanville Regrets Her ‘RHOBH’ Reunion Behavior

Brandi Glanville may not be watching the season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show. On Tuesday afternoon, Brandi tweeted the link to the podcast that she did with her Celebrity Apprentice co-star Leeza Gibbons. On the podcast, Brandi admits to Leeza that she’s not proud of how she behaved at the reunion.

“I have post-traumatic reunion syndrome. I don’t think I was on my best behavior. The hardest part is you want to fight the fight. I went in there saying, ‘I’m gonna be quiet the whole time – I’m not giving them anything…’ And then I lost my temper. And it was craziness. Having said that, I have to own what I did and said. Just don’t watch it.”

The day after filming the reunion show in late February, Brandi tweeted that she was still physically and emotionally exhausted from the experience. She also added that she has a sore throat, likely from all the yelling that she did.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brandi reportedly was on the defensive for much of the reunion. A source said that “there was definitely no love lost between her [Brandi] and several cast members. Kim [Richards] sided with her — so did Yolanda [Foster] for a bit.”

On her podcast, Brandi also told Leeza that viewers only see a “a very small sliver” of her on the show and that contrary to how she’s portrayed, she’s not a drunk who fights with everyone. Brandi admitted to Leeza that if she was just a regular viewer of the show, she would just think that she was “a drunk, foul-mouthed gal.”

As for her future on the show, Brandi said that it’s still up in the air. Yet she did say that continuing to do it may not be the most healthy thing for her.

“The only interview I did about that, after my Apprentice firing, I said I didn’t know. I haven’t made that decision yet. All I know is, I don’t know if it’s healthy for me to do it [RHOBH] anymore. I don’t know if I’m coming back. It is what it is, as long as people are talking I guess…”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, amid rumors that Brandi Glanville was going to be fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, executive producer and the reunion’s host, Andy Cohen, said that no decisions have been made regarding Brandi, nor anyone else, for the sixth season.

“We don’t make any decisions about what’s happening with people until the season is well over. And I think it will be a conversation that we have with her about what we want to do.”

[Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images]