Kate Middleton Breaks Into A Fit Of Giggles At St. Patrick’s Day Parade Photoshoot Thanks To Hilarious Soldiers

Kate Middleton was caught breaking into a fit of giggles during a photoshoot at a Saint Patrick’s Day service in Hampshire, England.

Middleton attended the service alongside her husband, the Duke Of Cambridge, Prince William, but it was the sight of the Duchess Of Cambridge laughing alongside a number of soldiers that really caught the eye.

The Duchess could be seen having to hold her nose and cover her mouth because she was so taken aback by amusement, while a number of soldiers could also be seen rollicking back with laughter too.

But what caused Kate to laugh so heartily? Well, it was nothing much really. According to the Mirror, when the photographer asked the assembled masses for one more picture Middleton found herself, alongside the nearby soldiers, tickled profusely by a withering comment from someone sitting close-by.

Thirty-three-year-old Kate and her husband spent several hours handing out shamrocks to the gathered officers of Mons Barracks, Aldershot, Hampshire. Thirty-two-year-old William attended the service as a colonel of the regiment, while he was also spotted enjoying a nice sip of Guinness at the event, too.

In fact, he wasn’t the only who took back a guzzle of the stout. Domhnall, an Irish wolfhound who is the mascot of the regiment, also took back a taste of the drink, while the three-year-old dog was also the recipient of his very own shamrock, too.

Every year for last 114 years, a senior female member of the Royal Family has celebrated the efforts of Irish soldiers in the Boer War by presenting a regiment with the sprig.

Kensington Palace’s Twitter account offered up more information on the presentation, as they uploaded a number of images of the event, too.

[Image via Huff Post]