Teen Who Woke From Coma Addicted To Cheese, Can’t Stop Cursing

When 15-year-old Kai Thomas from Chesterfield in the U.K. collapsed suddenly one day last June, his parents and friends had no idea that he had suffered a brain bleed which required emergency surgery to save his life.

After surgeons worked fast to relieve the pressure caused by the brain bleed at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, he was put under an induced coma for nine days so that he could recover from the surgery.

As soon as he came around, Kai was unable to speak but that soon changed as he found himself talking and walking around within the following weeks and months.

However, according to his mother Tracey, there was a marked change in his behavior since he came out of the coma, having strangely developed an addiction to cheese and to cursing.

In fact, so addicted to cheese was Kai that he ate several blocks of it a day, and even puts it on his morning cereal.

As his mother said about Kai’s behavior before the operation, “He didn’t swear and minded his manners,” she said, adding, “Then in June last year, he came home from school rubbing his head and saying it hurt. Then he suddenly collapsed.”

Having called 911, Kai was taken to the hospital by ambulance, as Tracey added, “Doctors carried out scans and the results showed a bleed on the brain. They told me it could have just come out the blue or he could have knocked himself.”

Nine days after the operation, Kai was brought out of the coma, as his mother explained, “His face was blank and he couldn’t speak. Doctors said the trauma of the bleed and subsequent surgery had caused him to regress. He’d also lost his power of speech and movement.”

After some time Kai improved, as Tracey recalled, “One day I was in the kitchen, when I heard Kai yelling in his bedroom. He was screaming “F***, b******, s***”. I wondered what on earth was going on — the expletives were coming thick and fast.”

For now, Kai is reportedly slowly but surely recovering and improving daily, as he undergoes home schooling and attends his local school for one hour per day.