NFL News: Seahawks Jimmy Graham Calls 7-Year-Old Fan Who Is Sad He Was Traded From Saints

The shocking trade of tight end Jimmy Graham from the New Orleans Saints to the Seattle Seahawks saddened a lot of people in Louisiana. Not many people understand it at all, and that includes a young seven-year-old girl named Lexia Woods who had a video go viral showing just how sad she was about his trade.

That video is of young Lexia Woods, and she was heartbroken when she found out that Graham was traded to the Seahawks. It was a video filmed by her mother, Ashley-Ann Woods, who posted it on Facebook, and it soon went viral.

“Wherever Jimmy Graham goes is where I go, no matter what team,” the 7-year-old Saints fan told her mom, Ashley-Ann Woods, moments after finding out about the trade. “He’s going to the Seahawks. It’s just not smart of them to let Jimmy Graham over there.”

The Post and Courier reported that Lexia began getting a bunch of phone calls and other supportive messages from fans of both the Saints and Seahawks. All of that made her very happy, but it was when she heard from Jimmy Graham himself that she truly perked up.

ESPN reported that Lexia Woods and her mother were invited to teleconference with the sports leader, and the little girl got a huge surprise. Holding onto a Jimmy Graham doll and wearing a shirt with his number on it, Graham called in and spoke directly to Lexia.

Not only did Graham try to make her feel better by talking to her, but he offered up her whole family the chance to see him play in Seattle. He invited them to the opening game for the Seahawks so they could watch him play in his new home.

“She felt a lot better when Jimmy reached out to her,” Ashley-Ann Woods said. “He said watching the video made him smile. She said, ‘Mom, I made Jimmy smile.’ To her that was the most important thing.”

Lexia Woods was born seven years ago while her father, who is in the Coast Guard, was stationed in New Orleans. Seeing as how supportive Graham is of the military, he quickly became the favorite player of the young girl.

Jimmy Graham’s trade from the New Orleans Saints to the Seattle Seahawks came as huge shock to so many people, but the team from the “Big Easy” appears to be overhauling their team. It looks like they still have a fan in Lexia Woods, but she is sure to be a big Seahawks’ supporter now, too.

[Image via CBS Sports]