Ben & Jerry’s Announces ‘Free Ice Cream Cone Day’ On Instagram With The Most Delicious Photo

The Instagram account of posted a beautiful photo of a chocolate ice cream scoop on a cone


We think our fans are awesome, so to say thanks for another year of support we give out FREE Ben & Jerry’s. It’s how we celebrate and spread peace, love & ice cream around the world!

#FreeConeDay is coming April 14th! We’ll be giving out FREE ice cream at our Scoop Shops all around the world! More info: (active link in profile)

According to New England News, the Vermont-based Ben & Jerry’s continued its conscientious corporate profile recently by converting an $80,000 Tesla into a luxury car that could serve ice cream in a manner that’s good for the environment. The ice cream maker has long been a favorite of fans who appreciate the company’s promise not to use genetically modified ingredients such as growth hormones and the like in their products.

From time to time, certain eateries will offer their customers free food days, such as when IHOP recently had a free pancake day, as reported by the Inquisitr. Not only is giving away free foodstuff a measure of goodwill, but it can be a lucrative business practice as well, at least for those restaurants that discover their sales increase as a result of customers buying extra accoutrements to go along with their free items — such as milk and coffee to accompany their pancakes, or extra ice cream to go with their free cones.

[Image via Ben & Jerry’s Instagram]