Is Sean Lowe Turning His Back On The ‘Bachelor’ Franchise?

Bachelor star Sean Lowe is the show's complete pride and joy. Sean followed the rules, he didn't have sex with the women in the fantasy suites, he proposed during the finale, and he got married to Catherine Giudici. Sean's love story on the show is one of just a few, where the process has actually worked. So, one could imagine that he would be a lifetime supporter of the show.

Of course, the show wasn't easy for Sean Lowe. Sean went on The Bachelorette to compete for Emily Maynard's heart, but when he was sent home, Lowe was offered to return. He found love with Catherine, and now they are living a life outside of the spotlight. Given his success on The Bachelor, one could imagine that Lowe would be excited to encourage others to follow his lead. But that isn't the case.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Bachelor star Sean Lowe is now revealing that he wouldn't let his children compete on the show. Even though Sean found love on the show, there was heartbreak and he wouldn't want his children to go through it.

"I know I sound like a gigantic hypocrite, but it's like walking through a minefield," Sean Lowe has revealed about his children doing the show, revealing, "A son? Maybe. A daughter? No way! My daughter is not making out with a bunch of dudes on TV!"

Of course, Sean Lowe and Catherine would be the perfect parents to prepare their children to compete on such a show. Combined, they have the experience of both the Bachelor and the woman waiting to be chosen. In addition, Lowe knows what it is like to be labeled by society.

"Frustrating...I was labeled as this weirdo and outcast -- like, 'Look at him! He seems normal, but he's taking such an abnormal stance!'" Sean Lowe has revealed about the public putting such a big emphasis on him being a born-again virgin.

But this recent switch in viewpoints could have something to do with The Bachelorette being different this year. According to the Inquisitr, Sean Lowe and his wife are not happy about the change of having two Bachelorette contestants. Why should guys compete for two women, only to have one woman be completely heartbroken and sent home - again? It is very possible that Lowe and his wife won't be watching this upcoming season.

What do you think about Sean Lowe's comments? Are you surprised that he is turning his back on the show?

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