An Unruly Passenger Shouts “Jihad” During A United Airline Flight

A United Airliner had to make a sudden u-turn during a flight on Monday after an unruly passenger charged the cockpit. According to a government official who is privy to the details of the incident stated the passenger shouted “jihad, jihad,” during the disturbing incident.

The flight that left from Dulles International Airport and was bound for Denver was interrupted shortly after takeoff. The pilot on board the plane stated that the unruly passenger acted aggressively as he charged the cockpit. Passengers on board the flight were able overtake the agitated man by force and subdue him.

LiveATC recorded and posted the pilot as saying, “He ran forward towards the cockpit, and he is being restrained by passengers, cockpit is secure and we would like to return to the airport and have the authorities meet him.”

A cellphone video was taken during the time of the altercation and was able to capture the event. It shows the unruly passenger being held to the ground with passengers on top of him attempting to restrain the man. During the video, a visible bruise is seen on the crazed man and you can hear him repeatedly say, “I’m sorry,” as he continues to fight off the passengers.

“One held his feet and the other one kind of laid on top of him and then the flight attendants went and got some plastic restraints for his arms,”

During the incident the unruly passenger stated that there were other jihadists onboard of the flight, but was an unfounded claim.

“At one point when his head was down he said there were jihadists in the cargo hold and he did say ‘jihad’ a couple times.”

The flight had to be rerouted when the unruly passenger “failed to comply with crew instructions,” United Airlines spokesman Luke Punzenberger said.

The man was found to not have any terrorist connections or in possession of any weapons at the time of the event. Kimberly Gibbs a spokesperson for Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority states “A passenger was removed from the plane and transported to a local hospital for evaluation,”

An airport security spokesperson has said that the unruly passenger has not been been arrested or charged with a crime.

The remaining passengers aboard the United Airline flight are being booked with new flights on Tuesday.

Almost a month ago, as reported by the Inquisitr another unruly passenger disrupted a flight when he halfway undressed himself after becoming intoxicated, forcing the plane to land.