T-Cells, our body's warrior in the war against cancer [Video]

Steven Hodson

Our bodies are pretty incredible and for the most they are amazingly resilient, able to bounce back from most injuries and illnesses it finds itself subjected to, but even with all those abilities to recover there are times, and diseases that are harder to fight and survive from.

One of the hardest of those diseases is cancer but even there our bodies have a warrior capable of battling cancer cells all the while not damaging healthy cells in the area. Called T-Cells, of the cytotoxic family, and they are an integral part of our body's immune system.

There are actually six different types of T-Cells and they each have different functions to help heal our bodies but with the primary purpose of killing off things that shouldn't be in our bloodstream.

What’s interesting about T cells is that they are highly efficient killers, almost the smart-bomb of the body if you will. In the case of the cytotoxic T cell, it secretes a glycoprotein to its surface that is able to detect a unique antigen that is present with cells that are cancerous. Researchers are working to learn more about these cells so they can gain control of them to create a new weapon in the fight against cancer.

via Geek.com

via Geek.com