Just how many books about Abe Lincoln have there been written? Three stories worth.

It should be no surprise to anyone that some of the most popular people in history get a lot of books written about them. From autobiographies to biographies that range from humorist to scandalous books about the famous to the infamous books provide a look into the life and experiences of those people.

One of the most famous people in history of course would have to be Abraham Lincoln so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that there has been a lot of books written about him, one of the newest is a humorous look at him as being one of the first vampire hunters, but I’m willing to bet you don’t know how many have been written.

Well the people at Ford’s Theater Center for Education and Leadership decided to find out by building a tower in the lobby of the center with one copy of each book.

Three stories later the magic number of books written about the 16th president of the United States turns out to be 15,000 titles.

Here are some images of that incredible tower of books about Abraham Lincoln thanks to the folks at Fresh Pics.