Will Cameran Eubanks Get Pregnant And Have Child While Filming ‘Southern Charm?’

Southern Charm star Cameran Eubanks has returned to the show and she has actually been busy when the Bravo cameras were not around last year. Even though Cameran was on the show during the first season without her boyfriend, she will continue to film the second season without him. But in between seasons, Eubanks actually got married to him.

Naturally, Cameran Eubanks has been busy with her real-estate career, but now that she is married, fans are wondering if she will soon get pregnant – and then in turn, share that journey with fans. While some probably assumed that Eubanks would be the first person to get pregnant on Southern Charm, Kathryn Calhoun is the only person who has given birth after getting pregnant on the show.

According to a new Bravo report, Southern Charm star Cameran Eubanks is now revealing that she is not ready to get pregnant. And Eubanks has no problem admitting that she wants to wait to have children.

“I believe in bringing a child into this world when both parties are ready and committed to being a parent,” Cameran Eubanks has revealed, saying that her husband will not be on the show with her, “No you will not see my husband on the show. I do not think it is smart to air your love life on national television. It is tacky. Some things must be kept sacred.”

Of course, one of the biggest storylines on Southern Charm is Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Calhoun having a baby. It was shocking to learn that Kathryn was pregnant at the end of the season, but being around a new baby hasn’t changed Cameran’s viewpoints. It hasn’t given Eubanks baby fever.

“Thomas and Kathryn having a baby has had no effect on any of my decisions regarding getting pregnant. I believe in bringing a child into this world when both parties are ready and committed to being a parent, and I am just not there yet and have no problem admitting it,” Cameran Eubanks has revealed about her own plans to have children.

But Cameran Eubanks could possibly be turned off by the entire thing, as Thomas and Kathryn have since split up. Ravenel recently announced that he has split from Calhoun, as the age difference was too much for him, according to the Inquisitr.

Are you disappointed that Cameran Eubanks is keeping parts of her life to herself? Would you want to see her get pregnant and give birth on the show, sharing the baby story like Kathryn is at the moment on Southern Charm?

[Image via Bravo]