Jennifer Marie Perry: Teacher Arrested For Alleged Sex With 17-year Old Pinson, Alabama, Boy

Jennifer Marie Perry, a pretty brunette Alabama teacher is in a world of trouble after allegations surfaced that she had sex with a 17-year old boy at a local high school. WIAT is reporting now that Jennifer Marie Perry was charged with having sexual contact with a student. The 27-year-old former teacher was taken into custody and placed in the Jefferson County jail on $30,000 bond. She has since been released ABC-33/40.

Jennifer Marie Perry, aka Jennifer Perry taught high school English at Pinson Valley High School. The case came to the attention of the local police in February after officials at the school contacted them about rumors swirling about the teacher and a student. According to the report, Jennifer Perry told school administrators that she heard that it was being said that she had sex with a 17-year old student.

She denied that the rumors were true and immediately resigned from the school, where she had been teaching for just a few months. In the state of Alabama it is against the law for a school employee to have sexual contact with a student under the age of 19. The Odenville woman is said to be married.

The arrests of teachers around the nation are at an all time high. In fact, the arrests have become so commonplace that many feel that the teachers are not really doing anything wrong, leaving many male commenters to admit that they wish they had teachers like this when they were in school.

There is also a bit of contradiction between male teachers who prey on female students vs pretty, young female teachers who prey on teenage boys. Many men state that a boy that age is most likely the first one to make contact with the teacher, and that a 17-year old boy knows exactly what he wants.

Others in the community say, not only is it an issue of breaking the law, but there is also a trust issue at stake.

Here are some social media comments related to this controversial child-teacher sex scandal.

“Wish we had teachers like this when I was in school.”

“Come on! Get someone your own dang age already. Creeper. Disgusting.”

“Theres nothing thats been proven or admitted. It was a rumor that they are investigating. She resigned due to the investigation, not because she did it. ”

“Why won’t these teachers leaves these students alone.”

“Does the principal not go over the don’t have sex with students part of the interview anymore….just saying.”

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