CollegeHumor delivers a champagne basketball prank

The guys at CollegeHumor are never short of a clever idea, but they may have finally topped themselves with a new prank on one of their own.

Streeter from CollegeHumor is perhaps best remembered as the victim of a prank at Yankee Stadium a while back with a fake marriage proposal ruining his relationship with his girlfriend. Streeter has been waiting for revenge on co-worker and friend Amir ever since, and decided to do it at a Maryland basketball game.

Streeter arranged to have Amir selected for the half time half court shot for $500,000, with a twist: Amir would be blindfolded. What Amir didn't know was that Streeter had arranged with the crowd to cheer as if he'd landed the shot even when he missed, so in front of 18,000 people, Amir thinks he's won the cool, hard cash.

Here the video showing the prank.

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