Sarah Palin Fights Moon Nazis in ‘Iron Sky’ [Video]

B-Movie fans, it’s time to get excited. “Iron Sky” tells the story that we’ve all been waiting to see. What would happen if Sarah Palin was president, Newt Gingrich set up a moon colony, and Nazi’s attacked from space? That, basically, is the premise of this terribly fantastic movie.

Here’s the official synopsis from the movie’s website:

“Iron Sky is dark science fiction comedy that takes place in the year 2018, when the Nazis, who fled the Earth to the dark side of the Moon in 1945, return to claim the Earth.”

Sarah Palin isn’t specifically listed in the credits. Instead, actress Stephanie Paul plays a character called simply “The President of the United States.” It does seem, however, that Paul is doing a Sarah Palin impression in the trailer.

“Iron Sky” will debut this weekend at the Berlin International Film Festival. Director Timo Vuorensola said:

“It is simply mind-blowing that we get to have the world premiere of Iron Sky in Berlin, of all places!. I hope the movie’s antifascist message will resound with audiences.”


Here’s the trailer for “Iron Sky.”

What do you think? Is this the greatest cinematic achievement in the history of film? Does “The President of the United States” resemble Sarah Palin?

The film is bound to have at least some financial success since it was partially financed by fans through the film’s website. According to Wired, “Iron Sky” will open in Finland on April 4th. It will hit the United States during the South by Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas.