Killer of Ashton Kutcher’s ex Ashley Ellerin facing trial

A man accused of killing Ashley Ellerin, the former girlfriend of Ashton Kutcher, and one other person is facing trial in Los Angeles, officials have said.

Kutcher was reported at the time (2001) to have came by Ellerin’s house to take her to a party, but received no answer. Kutcher told police he saw through a back window what looked like wine stains on the carpet before he left. Ashley Ellerin was found the next day stabbed to death. Kutcher was never considered a suspect.

The second victim, Maria Bruno was founded stabbed to death in a similar fashion only 40 miles away in 2005. A Santa Monica woman nearly became the third victim last year, but managed to fight back and survive. DNA from blood left at the scene led to Gargiulo’s arrest.

Police are continuing their investigation, and fear that Gargiulo may have been a serial killer active for over 15 years.