Dynel Catrece Lane, Named As Suspect In Twisted Killing Of Unborn Baby, Held Nurses’ Aide License, Created A Baby Registry Last Year

Dynel Catrece Lane, 34, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly beating a pregnant woman, cutting the woman’s unborn baby out of her abdomen, and taking the baby’s lifeless body to a hospital pretending to have suffered a miscarriage. However, an investigation into Dynel Lane’s history has revealed that she once held a certified nurses’ aide license in Colorado and created a baby registry online last year.

The Inquisitr reported earlier about the circumstances of the haunting atrocity Dynel Lane has been charged with, though Lane’s name had not been disclosed by the Longmont Police Department at that time.

“According to KDVR, authorities stated that the kidnapper arrived at the same local hospital with the dead baby, and then told hospital staff that she had suffered a miscarriage. The abductor is a 34-year old woman.”

The crime, allegedly committed by a woman who was once certified to care for patients in Colorado, was so disturbing and sad that Longmont Police Commander Jeff Satur had a difficult time maintaining composure while talking to reporters, as shown in the video below.

As mentioned in the previous Inquisitr report, prior to arriving at the hospital claiming a miscarriage while presenting the 7-month-old fetus’ body as false evidence of her purported pregnancy loss, Dynel Lane allegedly lured the 26-year-old pregnant woman to her house in Longmont via a Craigslist ad offering baby clothes. The victim was hospitalized at the Longmont United Hospital, but strangely, the previously licensed certified nurses’ aide went to the same hospital not long after holding the deceased baby and claiming that she had suffered a late-term pregnancy loss, according to an update provided by ABC 7 News.

Dynel also allegedly registered as a user on Pregnancy Corner, an online forum in October 2014. The user with the same name and location only posted one introductory thread in which the forum user states, interestingly, that she was seven-and-a-half months pregnant.

“I am 7 1/2 months and I don’t really crave one particular thing but go a little nuts when I want something, what ever it may be,fruit smoothies, cookies, ice cream, chips and I do substitute veggies and fruit when in munchy moods. I don’t have the best diet but I do eat a lot of good foods. with some not so great ones. My husband has struggled with his wight all his life and has lost over 80 pounds be for my pregnancy and now has completely stopped trying. How do I continue to encourage him to get back to that with out driving my self nuts not having my craving foods.”

Internet activity indicates that she might also have gone by “Dee Lane.”

Investigative inquiry by ABC 7 News discovered that Lane held a certified nurses’ aide license five years ago, but that that license expired in 2012. The investigation also revealed that the former certified nurses’ aide created a baby registry and registered as pregnant and due November 14, 2014. A link provided by Heavy showed that the suspect’s baby registry included clothing for a little boy, a Boppy pillow for breastfeeding, a co-sleeper, a crib, and other incidental items. However, according to that registry, none of the items on Lane’s wish list had been purchased, causing many to speculate that perhaps she was suffering from a mental illness like postpartum psychosis after an actual pregnancy loss last year. Police are not commenting on whether or not they believe that she was pregnant last year.

No reports indicate why Dynel Catrece Lane’s nurses’ aide license expired or her work history, but look for more information on Inquisitr on this developing story.

[Featured photo adapted from mugshot and screenshot]