Guitarist Kicks Cat, Cat Gets Revenge [Video]

A guitarist got more than he bargained for after forcefully removing his pet feline from a chair so he could record himself in a video. Rather than gently persuade the kitty to move along, he instead acted out a display of animal abuse on camera, picking the cat up by the scruff of its neck and throwing it to the ground, before kicking it out of view. The cat, however, decided that it was not going to take the abuse and dished out its revenge on the unsuspecting guitarist.

The man, who has remained unnamed so far, was more interested in sharing his guitar playing skills with the camera than he was for the well being of his snoozing feline. Knowing he was on video, he paid no attention to the cat's well-being and abruptly picked it up by the scruff of its neck before tossing it to the floor. Still not satisfied, the man kicked the cat out of the frame, before sitting down to play his tune for the video. The man, according to Uproxx, hid his identity behind a pair of sunglasses, possibly giving him the courage to upload the incident to YouTube without worry of repercussion.

It is unknown whether the man made a habit out of kicking the cat or shoving it aside. However, even if it was a lone incident, the cat was not about to let the man get away with the abuse. For a few seconds, it seems as though the cat has gone on about its business, making its way to another spot to slumber the hours away. However, unexpectedly, the feline can be seen rushing up the stairs behind the guitar player, as shown by Metro.

As shown in the video, the cat got the last word as it knocked over a plant pot onto the unsuspecting guitarist's head. The impact was rough as the man grabbed his head and writhed in pain. His bad boy rocker image was shattered as he realized he was outwitted by the cat, who disappeared up the stairs and out of view.

It is unknown whether the man really meant harm to the cat or if he was just trying to be funny for the video. He didn't kick the feline hard, and overall he seemed to be careful in his attempt to move the cat. However, even unintentional abuse on an animal is unwarranted.

[Photo Courtesy: Leicester Mercury]