‘I Hate Christian Laettner’ Prompts Former Duke Star To Apologize To Aminu Timberlake 20 Years After Stomping Him

Christian Laettner

Back in 1992, Duke and Kentucky competed in the NCAA East Regional Final. It was a close game throughout most of the contest, but it would be Duke University Blue Devils‘ star center, Christian Laettner, who would make “the shot” that would propel his team over Kentucky. However, there is one incident from the game that Laettner is also infamously remembered for, simply known as the “stomp.”

According to CBS News, the incident happened after Christian Laettner almost fell down after colliding with Aminu Timberlake while going for a layup. Laettner was able to maintain a vertical base. Timberlake wasn’t so fortunate as he fell to the ground. When Laettner saw Timberlake lying near his feet, he stomped on the chest of the Kentucky Wildcat forward.

Though Christian Laettner has since admitted the “stomp” was one of the things he is embarrassed about during his NCAA career at Duke, he had never apologized to Aiminu Timberlake. Now after twenty years, it seems that Laettner is burying the hatchet with Timberlake, initiating an apology through social media.

The reason for Christian Laettner’s apology originates from the 30 for 30 documentary titled, I Hate Christian Laettner. The ESPN special chronicled the animosity that happened during the 1992 NCAA East Regional Final. Surprisingly, Laettner admired it, constantly live-tweeting throughout the documentary. Some of the tweets were humorous but there were a good number of them that expressed repentance. As a result, Laettner would finally apologize to Aminu Timberlake after twenty years.

Huffington Post also reported on Christian Laettner’s apology, mostly on social media reaction after the olive branch was offered. Apparently, the apology has converted many people who followed the #IHateChristianLaettner crowd to actually admiring him. As a matter of fact, a new hashtag was created in response, #NoLongerHateLaettner. But the most important part of Laettner’s apology isn’t the fact that after twenty years he finally gave one, but Aminu Timberlake actually accepting it.

With the “stomp” officially becoming water under the bridge, it is now possible that Christian Laettner and Aminu Timberlake can move on. Maybe the two players who participated in the “greatest college basketball game ever played” can find nostalgic amusement in the incident.

[Image via Celebrity Net Worth]