Todd Tucker And Kandi Burruss Never Worked On Marriage, She Admits

The Real Housewives of Atlanta husband Todd Tucker seems to love being on the show, as he can promote his work as a producer. Kandi Burruss was thrilled to have him on the show and plan their wedding, but this season has been emotional for her. Even though many would assume that their sex life would be great, Todd has been traveling a lot and Tucker hasn’t been too eager to get in bed with his wife.

Of course, Todd Tucker does have a reputation simply because of his role on the show. Last season, Tucker was accused of being an opportunist who was only dating and marrying Kandi to get ahead in his business and live a great lifestyle. This was a rumor driven by Burruss’ own mother, Mama Joyce. But the lack of sex is making people question his devotion to his wife.

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta husband Todd Tucker didn’t sit down with his wife Kandi to finish the pros and cons list that they were asked to do by their therapist. When asked by Bravo if they had finished the list to help them solve their troubles, Kandi admitted that they never finished it.

But it wasn’t due to Burruss’ lack of trying. During Sunday’s episode, she sat down to work on the homework she and Todd Tucker got from their therapist. And while Kandi was eager to get it done to solve their issues, Tucker got up and walked away, saying that he would wrap it up later. But as she now reveals, Todd never actually made an effort to complete the pros and cons list.

It sounds like Todd Tucker wasn’t really thinking about his marriage to Kandi and taking her current situation into consideration. Todd may have been working and traveling to Los Angeles to work, but his wife was also dealing with some issues in regards to her co-stars. In addition, she felt he could be cheating on her.

“I had a lot going on at the time. Yes, I was upset about my play being cancelled, but I also had some personal family things that I was dealing with as well. So I guess I was just extra emotional. It probably wasn’t the best time to go talk to her, but I was wondering what was going on with our friendship that she had to discuss it with NeNe and Porsha without ever mentioning to me that there was a problem,” Kandi has revealed.

But Todd Tucker should probably consider stepping up his game a little if he wants to save his marriage. According to the Inquisitr, Peter Thomas – who is a friend of Todd – has encouraged Kandi to find a new man if she can’t even get him to have sex with her. Tucker has yet to comment on Peter’s thoughts.

What do you think about Todd Tucker’s lack of commitment to therapy?

[Image via Bravo]