WWE News: WWE Lawyers Trying To Keep People Quiet Over Bill DeMott Controversy, Threatening Lawsuits?

WWE is known for using their money to get things done. Whether it is used to bring in some of the best wrestlers in the world or putting together a show that is as good as anything in entertainment. Shows like WrestleMania are known as live spectaculars due to what all is put into them. They certainly are that, however when WWE started them, the production was not nearly as elaborate as today. These days however, WWE uses that money to fight of lawsuits and even pay lawyers to fight battles for them.

It is not a bad thing for a business to do, but it can be overwhelming for those who are bringing a case against WWE. The money end of things can be tough to battle, so many feel bullied by WWE and walk away. It seems that yet again WWE is bullying people when it comes to the Bill DeMott controversy.

According to popular Indy talent Joey Ryan, WWE seems to be threatening lawsuits against people who don’t keep quiet in regards to Demott. Joey claimed via Twitter.

“I’m innocent but I’ll go ahead and accept the maximum punishment for this thing that I totally didn’t do.”

“It’s so calm lately. Almost as if lawyers threatened to sue all of us if we kept telling the truth.”

With the first line, Ryan writes a quote that points out a glaring issue. Would Bill DeMott walk away if he didn’t do anything? Sure, WWE may have forced it. Yet DeMott is the one who stepped down. If he didn’t do anything wrong, WWE would stick by him and not force a move. In fact, the only reason he stepped down was because he was guilty. There have been several documented cases against DeMott, whether true or untrue they are existing. As long as they did, WWE couldn’t keep him it seemed.

Joey Ryan

The second line Ryan wrote from his own self, which confirms some rumors we were hearing that WWE wanted to keep things regarding DeMott under wraps. Some like Ryan do not tend to back away from things like this as they have no reason to do so. Everyone knows Demott did many of the things people claim. Even people who used to work for WWE and now work with TNA such as EC3 have come out to confirm many claims people made. What reason does he have to lie?

In fact, it was said that the WWE Performance Center added cameras to keep an eye on practices so that WWE could use this in court if problems arose. Today, problems with DeMott may have not been as huge due to cameras. That does not mean they never happened. Why add cameras if there was no concern?

WWE would cite something like defamation against many of the people claiming issues with DeMott. This is actually good for WWE to do as it narrows down the field a bit. If people cannot prove wrong doing, WWE can come back with their own lawsuit as a way of getting money out of people “telling lies about them.” It is also a way of narrowing down lawsuits even for those who aren’t lying. You never know how court can go, and if you go all the way up and lose….you’re risking a lot of money.

So this tactic while cheap and very low, is smart from a business perspective. Yet it is a bullying tactic in the end from the people that tell us to “Be A Star.” Ryan may be speaking out now, but who knows if even he will continue when WWE is able to use that money they have in a big way. The DeMott controversy is not over yet, we are sure to hear more about this. So don’t get too used to things staying quiet.

[IMG Credits: wrestlinginc, eonline]