Nordstrom Takes Global Approach To Designer Fashion

Anna Johansson

With the rise of e-commerce and expansion of technology, luxury retailers are struggling to remain relevant as more consumers opt to shop online for the latest fashions. In an effort to compete, Nordstrom recently unveiled its partnership with Piece & Co., which will provide sustainable work to female creatives in other countries, Papier Doll reports. The brand's yet unreleased line of designer clothing is scheduled for a spring debut and will feature materials crafted by hand from women artisans using ancient techniques to achieve color saturation and unique patterns.

Shifting towards a global worldview, the century old upscale fashion brand's linkage with Piece & Co. emphasizes a sense of responsibility among upper management. Trisha Smith, Executive Vice President of Women's Apparel at Nordstrom, offered further comment on the recent partnership and its benefits, "What excites us most about this collaboration with Piece & Co. is how each of the brands really embraced the idea that the clothing they're designing can truly make a difference."

A difference will certainly be made, as each order for Nordstrom's new line is estimated to employ hundreds of women for a three-month period. In countries like Vietnam, India, and Zambia, all of which are home to women who have thus far benefitted from the collaboration, steady work is hard to find. For this reason, Piece & Co. founder Kathleen Wright formed the company in 2011 after deciding global female empowerment was her mission. In its short four years, Piece & Co. has helped thousands of women sustain employment in more than 30 countries.

Piece & Co. isn't the only brand interested in partnering with Nordstrom. According to Worthly, Apple's 18-karat gold watch is leading the company into the realm of upscale retail, pushing aside assumptions that Apple is purely tech-driven. Confirmed by AppleInsider, Apple is in the process of reaching out to Nordstrom about adding its gold watch to the retailer's shelves. Although Nordstrom has not officially confirmed nor denied the claim, similar upscale retailers like Saks 5th Avenue and Barney's declined Apple's offer to stock the watch.

As Inquisitr reported in 2014, Nordstrom is outperforming competitors in the luxury retail market with actual sales that soared past previously projected numbers. Brands being featured in Nordstrom's handmade fabric line include Theory, DVF, The Honest Company, and Rebecca Minkhoff, among others. Scheduled for launch in spring, Nordstrom's Piece & Co. line will be available online and in stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.