Dad Shoots Laptop, Outrages Teens, Inspires Parents Across the Internet [Video]

Tommy Jordan has a 15-year-old daughter who doesn’t do her chores. Tommy Jordan also has a 15-year-old daughter who has a laptop full of bullet holes.

The North Carolina father decided to teach his daughter a lesson for posting a curse filled rant on Facebook. In the Facebook note, the girls says:

“To my parents, I’m not your damn slave. It’s not my responsibility to clean up your shit. We have a cleaning lady for a reason.”

The note continues to berate her parents for being lazy and for treating her like a slave. Well, Jordan wasn’t too happy about that. He explains that he had just spent the day updating his daughter’s computer and that the girl’s chores are pretty simple. She’s expected to sweep if the house needs to be swept. Wipe down the counters if they need to be wiped down. Do her laundry if she has laundry. And make her bed if it has to be made.

Doesn’t seem too unreasonable.

Jordan said that he threatened to take the laptop away if she continued to act up. Well, Jordan is a man of his word. He fired round after round into the girl’s laptop and posted the video on Facebook.


Jordan said:

“Just for the record, whenever you’re not grounded, whatever year that happens to be, you can have a new laptop when you buy a new laptop…. Hope you’ve enjoyed your little fiasco on Facebook, hope it was worth all this.”

Here’s the video of the Jordan shooting his daughter’s laptop.

The incident has drawn mixed reactions. Some people are calling Jordan a hero while others say he overreacted.

What do you think? Did the punishment fit the crime? Do you think his daughter learned her lesson?