Jessica Lange Won’t Return To ‘American Horror Story’

Jessica Lange American Horror Story

Jessica Lange is officially done with American Horror Story. Despite reports that hinted Ryan Murphy was still dreaming up of the perfect shooting schedule so Lange could return, the actress will not be appearing in Season 5 of the hit FX show.

To some fans this news is devastating, because American Horror Story was practically built on Lange’s presence in the earlier seasons. Lange’s inclusion for the next season was up in the air before she confirmed the news at PaleyFest in Los Angeles.

According to Huffington Post, Lange said of her time with American Horror Story, “Yes, I’m done.”

The actress, who won two Emmys for her characters on the show, continued to express her gratitude to Ryan Murphy and the show. “We’ve had a great run here. I absolutely love doing these four characters, and in all madness, I love the writers and Ryan and the insanity of shooting it.”

Lange’s confirmation of her departure is huge news in the series, but it isn’t particularly surprising. Back in 2013 the actress discussed her pending retirement from acting. The actress, who has been acting for nearly 40 years was candid about her career.

“I don’t do films that gross $100 million or whatever… I could be making a lot more money now if I had chosen a different kind of movie, but none of that matters to me.”

She continued to discuss how she plans to come to an end with her career. “I am coming to the end of acting. I have a list: another stage production, maybe one or two more movies, one more season of American Horror Story, and then that is it for me. Because I think that’s enough. I want to go out with a bang, or should I say, a scare?”

As for American Horror Story, it’s been confirmed that the upcoming season will be called American Horror Story: Hotel, and will star Lady Gaga.

As for Lady Gaga’s inclusion in the season, Entertainment Weekly said Gaga had been talking to creator Ryan Murphy since last fall about a role, and once there was a role that suited Gaga she was on board. At the time, not even FX knew that Gaga was interested in a role, which made it a surprise for the network up until the last few weeks.

[Image via FX]