Jessica Simpson Talks Eric Johnson And '50 Shades' Of Racy Red Room Romance On Instagram [Photos]

Joanne Eglash

Jessica Simpson is feeling on the defense about her husband Eric Johnson and those oh-so-sexy photos she posted to Instagram based on 50 Shades of Grey. Making it clear that she felt inspired by 50 Shades, Simpson explained that she feels it's right to share their love publicly by posting the pics, reported the Canada Journal.

"[I am] not shy to be in love with my husband," retorted Jessica in response to criticism.

As to whether the flame is still flickering after two children, Simpson made it clear that the answer is affirmative.

"Marriage is unbelievable, I couldn't be more in love, and he's given me two of the best blessings I could possibly imagine. Having a boy and a girl… I'm blessed. they inspire me."

Maxwell is now two-years-old, while Ace is a dynamo at 20 months. But it's her daughter Maxwell who makes Jessica laugh, she confessed.

"She's feistier [than me]," admitted Simpson. "I'm much more reserved, and she's very opinionated, even though she's 2. I mean, I'm opinionated, but I don't yell it in your face!"

To re-create those 50 Shades Of Grey scenes, Jessica persuaded Johnson to pose with her in a Red Room-esque situation, according to Fox News.

She posted the photos on Valentine's Day, entitling them "Fifty Shades of Johnson." And Jessica also posted specifics about her feelings in her captions.

"I'm so in love with you #FIFTYSHADESOFJOHNSON"

In addition to taking racy photos together, Jessica and Eric plan regular date nights, as the Inquisitr reported. But she confessed that they spend much of their date time discussing their adorable children.

"Date night with my hubby looking at pictures of our kiddos. These two are perfect. Crazy individual people we are so proud of," posted Simpson.

However, Jessica has been equally candid in just how much she struggled initially to shed the baby weight. Now, after becoming the Weight Watchers spokeswoman, she feels that she's conquered her weight loss wars.

Simpson also works with a personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, who praised his famous client.

"Jess has stuck to her Weight Watchers diet, walks 10,000 steps per day and has been incredibly consistent with our workouts," he declared.

What do you think of Jessica Simpson's and Eric Johnson's steamy 50 Shades Of Grey photos? Are they TMI or charming? Post your comments below.

[Images Via Jessica Simpson/Instagram]