Retired NYPD Officer Swears He Saw A Ghost Searching For Survivors In The Rubble Of The 9/11 Attacks

A retired NYPD officer who was tasked with sifting through the rubble of the 9/11 attacks to look for human remains, has claimed he saw a female ghost trying to help the recently deceased.

The Daily Mail reports that Sgt. Frank Marra, 48, has written a book called from Landfill to Hallowed Ground, which recounts his experiences searching through ten tons of debris from the 9/11 attacks at the Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island.

Marra claims that during his search, he saw a ghostly lady dressed in the style of a Second World Red Cross worker.

Marra, who served as a cop for 17 years, claims he was not the only one who saw the ghost. Volunteers who helped to identify the remains of 1,200 people who were killed during the attacks also insist they saw an African-American woman dressed in white like a World War II Red Cross nurse, and carrying a tray of sandwiches.

Mara, who now lives in New Jersey with his wife and three sons, initially thought the woman who he saw from around 50 yards away, was just another volunteer trying to help, and thought no more of it until he interviewed a retired crime scene detective for his book in 2013 and the interviewee recounted a tale of a famous ghost.

The interviewee asked him, “You ever hear the stories about the old Red Cross worker trying to serve sandwiches and coffee out by the sifters”

Marra explained to the New York Post that it suddenly dawned on him that he had seen the ghost in question.

“It hit me like a ton of bricks – I had put that dormant. And it just reminded me that I remembered seeing her.”

Marra explained, a psychic later informed him that the ghost dressed as a Red Cross worker was probably a spirit guide who was helping people make the journey to the afterlife in the aftermath of such a terrible disaster.

According to Marra, other volunteers who helped to reclaim 54,000 personal objects at the Fresh Kills landfill have also admitted to seeing other apparitions at the site, including shadowy figures and large black masses.

World Trade Center Attacked

Marra believes that because of its association with the tragic September 11 attacks, the Staten Island landfill has now become a holy ground.

“As time passed we realised how many people’s ashes and DNA still remain at the landfill. It was clear this became a holy ground, a place of rest for many who would never be recovered, a cemetery without tombstones.”

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